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The Center for Wooden Boats Issues Call for Applications for 2014 Ed Monk Scholarship

December 2, 2013


SEATTLE – The Ed Monk Memorial Award Fund has been established to provide educational opportunities for professionals working in traditional maritime trades. The mission of the award is to further maritime professionals’ knowledge of traditional marine trades in other cultures. Study and research may include current and historical methods of boat construction using different materials, designs based on the functions to be served by the boats, materials available for construction and the state of technology.

The Center for Wooden Boats is seeking applications from qualified persons. Applications are due on or before April 1, 2014. The applicant should explain how the project will enrich the existing knowledge of the applicant and how the funds would be used. The budget for the grant may include transportation, housing, and other appropriate expenses. The background of the applicant in traditional marine trades and a list of references also are required.


Monk Award winner Helder Parreira aboard traditional Portuguese boat

“2011 CWB Monk Award winner Helder Parreira aboard a traditional Portuguese boat”


Decisions by the application committee will be made by or before April 15, 2014. Funds granted must be used within one year of the award. A written report of the activities and benefit derived from the experience must be submitted to CWB.

Grants awarded will total $1,500.

The award was named to honor Ed Monk, a prominent and respected boat designer and builder in the Northwest.

The Fund was established by John M. Goodfellow, who has participated in the hands-on-history activities at The Center for Wooden Boats. He is an advocate of preserving traditional maritime skills and wishes to encourage this through studies of those traditional skills being carried on beyond the applicants’ local regions and local knowledge.

The application committee consists of the donor and CWB Founding Director Dick Wagner. Applicants can be of any locality, wishing to study indigenous designs, materials and techniques of other areas.

For more information, contact Dick Wagner at CWB at (206) 382-2628.

The past recipients of the Ed Monk Award and their projects have been:

2001 – Jay Smith – Traditional Faroe Island boatbuilding
2002 – Seaton Gras – Traditional boats of Thailand
2003 – Marc Daniels – Traditional Aleut boatbuilding
2004 – Corey Freedman – Traditional Brazilian boatbuilding
2006 – V.W. Swan – Traditional Norwegian boatbuilding
2008 – Douglas Brooks – Traditional Okinawan boatbuilding 
2010 – Mark Reuten – Teaching Traditional BC Native canoe building
2011 – Helder Parreira – Traditional Portuguese boatbuilding
2013 – Jesse Long – Traditional Basque boatbuilding



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