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Share your art with boat lovers far and wide

October 25, 2012

37th Annual Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival Art Competition Now Underway!! Starting October, 2012

Maritime heritage is woven into our tapestry of life. It is the unconquered realm which has drawn from us the best in art, craftsmanship, engineering, music, literature and quest for adventure. This is what we strive to capture with the annual Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival.

At the Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival we celebrate heritage wooden boats. We celebrate the people who make them. We take people out on the water in them. Everything is fun, almost everything is free and nothing much is fancy. It’s as authentically grassroots American as you can get and has been for the past 36 years.

The 2013 Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival will take place from July 4 – 7 at Lake Union Park and The Center for Wooden Boats.

“The Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival is one of the best family entertainment values in the Seattle area for the 4th of July weekend,” said Eldon Tam, Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival coordinator. “The Festival is one of the few hands-on maritime festivals where visitors can learn to caulk a seam, how to rivet a plank to a frame, try out a classic skiff on the water or tour a classic Northwest wooden vessel that’s been lovingly restored.”

Anyone is welcome to submit an entry. Submissions will be reviewed by a panel of judges consisting of CWB staff and volunteers. Artists are asked to interpret the themes of the Festival and capture the essence of this beloved annual event. Each year we strive to select an artist who is able to portray the LUWBF in the most authentic way while presenting the event as a simultaneously timeless and modern festival.  This is what the team of judges will consider when selecting the finalist.

For inspiration and to see past Festival posters, please visit

The winning artist may be given feedback by the selection committee while in the completion process. Therefore, applicants MUST be willing to alter their design based on recommendations from the committee. The finished art will be used on Festival posters, postcards, t-shirts and for advertising and branding purposes. Therefore, the art should be both visually appealing as well as attention-grabbing, and the artist and committee will work together to achieve this goal. Please be aware that once the art is complete, text and sponsor logos will be added by someone other than the artist to transform the artwork into the final Festival Poster.

Visit our website to see the complete rules of entry.

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