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Successful first eBoat Showcase at The Center for Wooden Boats

September 25, 2012

September 25, 2012, (South Lake Union, Seattle)  Volunteers once again rocked The Center for Wooden Boats on Sunday September 23rd and made sure our first Electric Boat Showcase was a great success. In all twenty-four CWB volunteers worked tirelessly with visitors and exhibitors to help create an enjoyable and informative experience for all. This was an all-volunteer led, organized and executed event, and all those who took part should be very proud and pleased with their accomplishment.

By rough estimates, about 150 visitors came specifically because they were interested in electric boats.  Several other visitors commented that because of the showcase they NOW were interested in electric boats.


Approximately 90 Sunday visitors opted to go for a ride in CWB’s electric boats, Dora and Terry Pettus, for their free CastOff! Public Sail experience, even though the electric boat rides were shorter in time to accommodate the maximum number of interested visitors.

All of the commercial exhibitors expressed enthusiasm and said they would love it if CWB decided to hold the event again next year.   The CWB team will talk with sponsors of National Plug-In Day, which also happened Sunday, and with the Seattle Electric Vehicle Association to see if they might want to hold a joint event next year with electric cars and bicycles on the land, and eBoats in the water.

The Exhibitors


In all we had nine visiting electric boats for the day and several commercial eBoat vendors including:

The Electric Boat Company, showing three Duffy Electric Yachts.

Geoff Gamsby, Lake Union Charters/Electric Yachts showing his 30-foot Columbia electric auxiliary sailing yacht conversion.

CWB Member Joe Grez, Propele Electric Boat Motor Co. showing their Electric Paddle line on three small boats, and their electric outboard conversion on Sweet Pea.

Joe Lawton, a private individual who brought his 15.5-foot electric fantail launch, JODI III, from Cottage Grove, Oregon.

Edison Marine’s Steve Shovoly represented his company’s twin electric-motored mahogany runabouts, capable of speeds of over 30 mph.

CWB visiting vessel owner Sarah Howell represented Torqeedo electric outboards as shown aboard her marvelous sailing vessel, Gemini.

ELCO—the Electric Launch Company—builders of the 1893 predecessor of CWB’s Dora was represented by the company literature.


   More Info

Links to history of EVs – History

For current news of EVs


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