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Continued Growth at Cama Beach State Park

August 24, 2012

Even historical landmarks change and grow over the course of time. Cama Beach State Park, which has been a favorite resort spot in the Pacific Northwest since the ‘30s, and an important fishing spot for Native Americans for centuries before, is growing. The Center for Wooden Boats has asked longtime Camano resident John Dean to step up as the Cama Beach manager, which took effect on August 22. He replaces Andrew Washburn, as Washburn has now become fulltime Historical Projects Manager across all the CWB campuses.

Introducing John Dean

John Dean was a journalist for the Stanwood/Camano News for 26 years. He also served as an Island County Commissioner for four years. His career, his beat, has centered around this historic spot, known for fishing, logging, family getaways, and a tightly knit community. John has also served as a volunteer with State Parks at Cama Beach. CWB Executive Director Betsy Davis is thrilled that “he’s well-positioned to find, seize, and optimize opportunities for collaboration between CWB and State Parks.” John will grow the network of supporters of CWB and Cama Beach, as well as fostering relationships with the park’s generous donors and volunteers.

Exciting new role for Andrew Washburn

In his expanded leadership role, Andrew Washburn will recruit and oversee museum interns, organize our archives, and curate new exhibitions for the South Lake Union gallery. His work will help to reach out to and educate our visitors. He will also continue his work documenting Northwest boats for the Library of Congress.

These promotions for John and Andrew will allow for strengthened leadership across campuses and the opportunity for expanded programming. The Center for Wooden Boats and Washington State Parks have partnered to keep history alive at one of the last public boat liveries on Puget Sound where visitors are invited to get out on the water in traditional boats.

Growing our programming

The National Trust for Historic Preservation has awarded CWB a grant to research the stories of the “Resort Boathouses of Puget Sound.”  Opening at The Center for Wooden Boats in South Lake Union in December and relocating to Cama Beach State Park in 2013, the exhibit will be a multi-sensory experience including stories, maps, photographs, and tactile experiences in traditional resort boats of the Pacific Northwest.

CWB will solicit material—stories, photographs and videos—from locals, as well as partnering with organizations like the Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society to rally the community around our overlapping moments in history.

Learn more about CWB’s Historical Projects at

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