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Upcoming Bus Reroutes and Road Closures in South Lake Union

August 22, 2012

Those of you who travel to and from The Center for Wooden Boats in South Lake Union by car will appreciate knowing that SDOT plans to open Mercer Street to two-way traffic on August 27 following the full weekend closure of the I-5 on- and off-ramps on August 24-27. While significant work remains on Fairview Ave. N and Valley St., and Westlake Ave. N, by achieving this major milestone the Mercer Corridor Project (East Phase) will move into its third of four construction stages, continuing progress toward final completion next summer.

Visitors who travel by bus will need to be aware that Metro Transit plans to reroute the 70, 71 (72, 73), 83 and 309 to avoid construction on Fairview Avenue N in Seattle. This temporary reroute will last about 4-6 months and will shift buses east from Virginia Street/Fairview Avenue N to Eastlake Avenue E/Stewart Street (southbound) and Olive Way/Howell Street/Eastlake Avenue E (northbound). The Center for Wooden Boats will continue to be acessible by Streetcar and routes 17 and 30, which will experience limited if no changes.

If you board a bus on Fairview Avenue N, you’ll now have to head east a few blocks to catch a bus on Eastlake Avenue E. From The Center for Wooden Boats, we suggest that you walk east along Fairview Avenue N, turn right on Aloha Street, and walk up the hill to the stop on Eastlake Avenue E.

When Mercer Street opens to two-way traffic on Aug. 27, it will kick off the next phase of construction which includes severe restrictions on Fairview Avenue N as it is narrowed to just one northbound lane between Republican and Valley streets. Eventually, Valley street will close in segments, but The Center for Wooden Boats will continue to be accessible by approaching either from the west or east on Valley Street.

Parking lots that will remain consistently accessible are located on Westlake Avenue along the west side of Lake Union Park, and visitors can walk accross the pedestrian bridge through the park and head directly east to CWB.

Need more information?

Please visit Metro’s website or contact our customer information line at 206-553-3000 for help with trip planning by public transportation during the reroute.

Additional information about the Mercer Corridor Project can be found on the SDOT website.

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