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Youth Quick and Daring Boats Launch at CWB

July 27, 2012


There were yell, shouts, cheers and laughter today on the South shore of Lake Union as the summer students enrolled in The Center for Wooden Boats Youth Quick and Daring Boatbuilding class launched and raced their newly built vessels

Youth Quick and Daring 007

Could you design and build a boat in five days? Could you do it with a couple of sheets of plywood and whatever else you can find? These daring and intrepid students from 12 to 16 year of age did just that this week at CWB.Youth Quick and Daring 042

But as any boat builder will tell you, it all comes down to the launch.  The boats hit the water just after lunch time, and while there was a little leakage, the boat builders could not wait to jump into their boats, and race out onto Lake Union.

As the four new boats paddled out to face the fun and adventure of setting off in a craft you built with your own hands….only one finally succumbed to the ingress of H2O.  Bailing only goes so far when you have a leaky port hull on your catamaran.  But Tyson Trudel, CWB’s Youth Education Manager and the instructor in the weeklong course, was standing by in “Larry” the CWB safety boat, and quickly moved in to help.

Youth Quick and Daring 093

This week’s class is an outgrowth of the very popular Quick & Daring boatbuilding competition held every year at CWB’s Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival. During the week the students have been learning basic principles of vessel design and construction, and have worked in teams to build a boat from strange, wondrous and random materials.

And in case you didn’t know, Youth Quick and Daring Boatbuilding is one of several specialty youth education classes The Center for Wooden Boats runs alongside its conventional Youth Sailing Lessons during the summer at its South Lake Union Headquarters.

Other classes offered for youth at CWB include: Words on Water, which combines sailing lessons with writing, reading, sketching and journaling about maritime traditions; Youth Kayak Building, where students learn basic woodworking and contemporary boat construction techniques as they build their own 14’ foot stitch and glue Sea Kayaks; The Science of Sailing, where students attend Pacific Science Center (PSC) in the morning to consider the math and physics behind sailing and boat design and move to The Center for Wooden Boats (CWB) in the afternoon for sailing 8’ wooden El Toro prams in pairs on Lake Union.

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