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CWB and its partners are honored by King County for exploration on the bottom of Lake Union

May 24, 2012

Dick Wagner and John Goodfellow are shown with the award.

King County Executive Dow Constantine today (May 24, 2012) hailed the work of Dick Wagner and the volunteer team working with The Center for Wooden Boats to find and document the history of wrecks on the bottom of Lake Union.  CWB was presented with one of the 2012 John D. Spellman Awards for Exemplary Achievement in Historic Preservation in a ceremony at the historic Old Redmond Schoolhouse Community Center in Redmond, WA.

“As John Steinbeck wrote in The Grapes of Wrath, ‘How do we know it’s us without our past?’  I salute those who honor and preserve our history – it is only upon a strong foundation that we can build our future,” said Constantine.

“It’s pleasing to be recognized because that helps more people find out about the Lake Union Underwater Archeology Project, said Wagner, the Founding Director of The Center for Wooden boats. “It also helps us continue to network and find others who are interested in the history that lies on the bottom of Lake Union and may want to help out on the Project.”

The Lake Union Archeology project has been coordinated by The Center for Wooden Boats, with the help of over 40 individuals, government agencies, organizations, institutes and corporations.  The goal of the project all along has been to identify and interpret the inside of Lake Union.

“We see the lake as a cultural and natural museum that is only now being recognized. We are following museum protocols and appropriate laws of underwater archeology”, said Wagner.  In the end the goal is to give Lake Union the identity it deserves and may be the basis for community stewardship of the lake.

The award given to CWB is named in honor of Governor John Spellman (King County Executive 1969-1981) who established the County’s Historic Preservation Program 32 years ago.

More information about the project can be found on the CWB Website.

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