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The Seattle Mariners Support CWB’s 2012 Wooden Boat Festival

April 28, 2012

Anybody want to go see a ball game….and help your favorite maritime museum in the process?  We sure hope you do.   The Center for Wooden Boats is pleased to let you know that the newest sponsor stepping up to help us put on this year’s 36th annual Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival from June 30th to July 4th is the Seattle Mariners Baseball Club.

Wooden Boats…Wooden Bats. Coincidence? We think not.

So here’s the deal.  The Mariners have set up a special web site where you can buy tickets to the game against the Baltimore Orioles at Safeco Field the evening of Monday July 2nd for only $15. That is the Monday night that falls right in the middle of this year’s Festival. This is a great deal for two reasons. First: that price is 25% off the normal price of these seats.  And Second; for every ticket sold though this offer, the team will make a $7 donation to CWB.

You can see how that could add up fast and go a long way to help support the programs of The Center for Wooden Boats.  Did we mention that website?

The Mariners have been great to work with. They’ve even paid to create and print marketing tools for us like this postcard. That kind of help means a lot to a small non-profit museum.








So call your friends, talk to people at work, let everybody know that July 2nd is Mariner Night at the Mariners….to support The Center for Wooden Boats.  You can make a day of it. Come down and spend that Monday looking at the boats at The Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival, and then hop the trolley and light rail down to Safeco Field to enjoy that evening’s ballgame.   You know you and your family or friends will probably want to take in a game or two this summer anyway, and this a great reason to choose this particular game.  You’ll save money, and at the same time you’ll help us keep paint and varnish on the boats.

So, as they say in the commercials, you can buy your tickets today at

As for this year’s Festival itself, it opens on Saturday June 30th and run to Wednesday the 4th of July.  The special Mariner Night at the Mariners baseball game happens after the festival closes for the day on Monday July 2nd.

As always, during the festival visitors will be able to enjoy dozens of historic sailing and rowing vessels from the CWB collection, and many historic private vessels brought to the show by their proud owners. Activities for the kids include Toy Boat Building and storytime aboard the historic tug boat Arthur Foss. Kids will also be able to build a kite and fly it from the festival grounds, and sail model boats in the park’s boat pond.  There will be live music, food, and a beer garden run by Jillian’s Billiards where people will be able to wet their whistle while they play nautical trivia. We’re planning a few new extra surprises for this year’s festival as well. So stay tuned for more fun festival news.

You can find information about the Mariners support for CWB on our news site on , but before you go there….go buy you tickets to Mariners Night at the Mariners on July 2nd  at

And thanks for helping support CWB.

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