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Nisqually Canoe Celebration

April 23, 2012

On Saturday April 14th the Nisqually Tribe hosted a wonderful celebration to celebrate their new canoe that was carved by Sáádúúts, the Haida Carver who has worked for many years as The Center for Wooden Boats’ Artist in Residence.  This project was done in partnership with United Indians of All Tribes, who owned the log and gifted the canoe to the Nisqually.   During the carving project at The Center for Wooden Boats, Sáádúúts engaged many members of the community, young and old in the work.  Some joined Sáádúúts at Nisqually for Saturday’s celebration, including Brian Burke, Richard Stone, Ron Snyder and Cathy Taggett, Robin Evans-Agnew, Ajay and Ashwini Varma.

Betsy Davis, CWB’s Executive Director shared a few words at the ceremony. “Thank you so much for your hospitality and to the cooks for the wonderful food.  CWB is a community made up of houseboats, docks, historic boats, and most importantly people.  As a community we value young people learning, craftsmanship, ingenuity and stewardship of the natural environment.  What better way to express these values than through this canoe carving program – demonstrating the craftsmanship and ingenuity of design involved with Northwest canoe culture, and also building community and a platform for learning.  I am inspired by the work you all are doing to keep our rivers and salt water healthy, your work for justice, and your deep commitment to building a positive future for your children and their children.  Please visit CWB in Seattle where you will always find a welcome.  We are honored to be here today.”

Nemah Choubaquak, the Cultural Programs Director for the Nisqually Indian Tribe thanks Saaduuts for carving the canoe and describes how it will be used every day this summer in Nisqually youth programs

Sáádúúts thanks Brant Lodge for his hard work and dedication to the project and honored him with a blanket.  Brant talked about the meaning the carving project has brought to his life.

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