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Fashion Photo Shoot on the CWB Docks

April 2, 2012

We’re often asked, “How does a museum that doesn’t charge admission pay the bills.”  A recent photo shoot on our docks is a pretty good illustration of how the Center for Wooden Boats tries to be as creative as possible when raising funds.

Mondetta Sportswear of Winnipeg, Manitoba called us one day over the winter to see if they could bring some models and use our boats and docks for catalog shots.  It may have been cold and rainy here, but that was still better than snowy and sub-zero back home in Canada.  And Mondetta was willing to follow all the safety and collection protection rules in our commercial photography policy, and pay our normal fees for such activities.   So we picked a day when there were no conflicting events or field trips and invited the Mondetta team to come play on our docks.   It was actually interesting to watch them work.

You can see the results on the main web page for Mondetta.  We only wish we looked as good in our boats as these models do.

While we were talking to the Mondetta team, we realized that some of their products might interest some of our members and visitors.  So we looked at their offerings, and picked a ladies fleece jacket that had a little more style than some of our typical hooded sweatshirts.  We’re now offering this nice fleece jacket in the CWB gift shop in Red and Black, while supplies last.  My wife has already bought one.

And just to reassure folks, there are no fees at all if you want to take pictures at The Center for Wooden Boats for personal use.  In fact, we encourage you to take pictures and video and share them with your friends so they know about CWB and all the fun things you can do here.

We only charge fees for commercial use of the Center for Wooden Boats facilities or used of boats that are in our collection.   We do that to cover the costs to manage photo shoots on our grounds, insure that they do not impede our normal operations, or to cover the cost of protecting our collection.  We do get requests from time to time from photographers, commercial makers and movie makers who want to use an artifact boat offsite.  We are not opposed to that, but it requires the requesting project to pay for insurance, transportation and for someone from the CWB staff to go along with the boat to monitor how it is used to insure that nothing is done that might harm the boat.

So if you know some big time movie producer looking for the perfect setting for a story that should be told among historic boats on the waterfront, tell them you know of the perfect place.

And you can remind everyone else that they can help keep the boats afloat at CWB first and foremost by joining, and then by using our boat rentals on Lake Union and at Cama Beach, by taking a classes and workshops, or by signing up for sailing lessons for adults and kids.  We also help preserve the Northwest’s small boat heritage by finding sponsors for our Festival, Mother’s Day Sale at Cama Beach, our fall Breakfast for Boats fundraiser, and by renting out our facilities for parties, corporate meetings and other events.   For more information, just e-mail

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