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New Online Search Tool Helps Uncover the Northwest’s Maritime History

March 28, 2012

The Center for Wooden Boats, along with all the other members of the Pacific Northwest Maritime Heritage Council, is launching a new free online search tool today to make it easy to find Northwest Maritime heritage sites, museums, and historic vessels. The tool is free and online at

What is this all about? Well, we know that you are already a big fan of The Center for Wooden Boats. You are reading our Blog after all.  And we love that! But after looking at our collection, and the other wonderful historic vessels here at Lake Union Park people, people sometimes ask us, “Where else can we go around here to find more historic boats and ships, maritime museums, light houses, and other places where the Northwest’s maritime history happened?”

That is a very good question. So we were sitting around one day talking about this question with our friends from The Virginia V, Northwest Seaport, the Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society, Foss Seaport in Tacoma, The Adventuress, Lady Washington, Columbia River Maritime Museum, Britannia Heritage Shipyard in BC, the Vancouver Maritime Museum, the Oregon Maritime Museum ….and many more. Those museums, vessels, historic sites and many more are member of something called the Pacific Northwest Maritime Heritage Council. The Council has been around for about 25 years, and gets together quarterly to find ways we can all work together to raise awareness of the region’s exciting seafaring history, and encourage more people to join us in the effort to preserve that heritage.

Bottom line, we wanted to find a way to make it easier for you to find maritime heritage sites in the region that you may not know about yet. And if you find one you like, we want you to go visit them.

We found an able partner in Three Sheets Northwest, the website that does daily boating news, views and it is building a growing community of maritime bloggers. With data from the council members, Three Sheets has built a search tool that gives you multiple ways to find the vast number of museums, sites, attractions, vessels and organizations that explain the Northwest’s maritime heritage. It is a work in process, and we’re all still working to make it better and better. But it is an amazing start, and a unique cooperative effort among such a wide array of groups and institutions. You’ll have to search a long and hard to find anything like it in other parts of the country.

So go have a look at the tool. Play with it. Find new places to go on your next vacation. You’ll find the tool at

If you want more details about the effort, you’ll find a news release about it here.

And let us know what you think and how we can make it even better


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