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The Spirit of Volunteerism at CWB

December 21, 2011

From the Executive Director

The generous spirit of the holiday season lives year-round at The Center for Wooden Boats. So many of CWB’s public programs are inspired and brought to life by incredible volunteers.

One standout is the volunteer team that maintains CWB’s 1907-built steamboat Puffin. The team keeps the wood-fired engine in top shape and takes visitors of all ages for free boat rides. This year the volunteers put in the effort to take Puffin to the boat shows at both Victoria and Port Townsend for even more public participation. Hats off to the dedicated crew who were featured on King TV last year.

Volunteers fill every niche of The Center for Wooden Boats – teaching sailing, greeting visitors, maintaining boats, improving facilities, staffing events, participating in committees and governance. Their efforts mean that every dollar contributed to CWB translates directly into the broadest possible public benefit. During December, CWB asks its friends to consider a donation to help build the coffers for the year ahead – to fund expenses such as insurance ($45,000/year), the fees to DNR that enable use of Waterway Four at South Lake Union ($15,000/year), utilities ($20,000/year) and postage ($12,000/year). Your support creates the solid platform that is the springboard for the remarkable work of CWB’s volunteers.

Thank you for your own involvement at The Center for Wooden Boats. Your generosity continues to inspire me… year-round.


Please consider a year-end gift to CWB. Visit our website to donate now.


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  1. December 22, 2011 10:30 am

    A comment from a CWB supporter, that was sent to us by e-mail:

    “Why do I love The Center for Wooden Boats and want to donate? Many reasons, including as an honor to my father Dick Galleher who started in wooden boats on the beach at Enetai, to an organization of amazing staff and volunteers who have made preservation of the “old” something vibrant and vital and new…and finally in honor of Betsy Davis, who through her creativity, and leadership skills, and passion for wooden boats and getting people into wooden boats has inspired us all.”

    -Gail G.

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