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Dick and Colleen Wagner Honored with Clean Water Award

December 13, 2011

From left to right: Kimokeo Kapahulehua, Mitsue Cook, DickWagner and Colleen Wagner.

The 2011 award of the Seattle based Healthy Oceans Pacific Network and Water Circles Pacific was received by CWB’s founders, Dick and Colleen Wagner, on Nov. 11.

This was an annual event of talks, ceremonies and discussions. The award plaque, presented by Mitsue Cook, Director of Watercircles Pacific, stated “To Dick and Colleen Wagner for their vision of building the ever evolving Center for Wooden Boats. Their love of wooden boats is a gift to the Seattle Community.”

Howard Wiig, a Honolulu member of Healthy Oceans Pacific and a keynote speaker at the event, discussed the post tsunami debris that has arrived in the NW and will arrive in Hawaii in January-February 2012.

Kimokeo Kapahulehua presented leis to the Wagners, chanted and gave blessings to the canoes and the event. He spoke of “Malama the Ocean” (Take care of the Ocean) and gave an inspirational vision of a world with clean, clear waters. He announced his plan for the Hawaiian Outrigger Voyaging Society voyage from Hawaii to Seattle in 2014. Kimokeo came to CWB the next day and paddled with Saaduuts in our latest carved Haida canoe, which he also blessed.

Dick and Colleen wrote a thank-you to Mitsue Cook,  and on the next morning Mitsue responded by iPhone from Hawaii “en route to Hanoi to share marine debris awareness.” She was attending the Council for Security Cooperation in Asia General Meeting in order to discuss ocean plastics and marine debris.

CWB and action-oriented leaders Mitsue Cook, Howard Wiig and Kimokeo Kapahulehua can gracefully share our resources to be diligent stewards of our life-giving waters.

Haida Master Canoe Carver Saaduuts and Kimokeo Kapahulehua. Kimokeo visited The Center for Wooden Boats and joined in paddling the dugout canoe recently completed by Saaduuts. Kimokeo discussed the voyage he's planning in 2014 from Hawaii to Seattle. Photo by Joe Ferguson.

The mission of Water Circles-Pacific is to empower people to take care of the ocean. More information about Water Circles-Pacific at and

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  1. June 24, 2012 9:34 am

    Congratulations to Dick and Coleen for this much deserving recognition. Wonderful and magical things have happen with and through Center for Wooden Boats over the years under Dick’s wise guidance, relentless energy and contagious spirit that has made the world of difference for the health of Lake Union waters and beyond. Thanks Dick and Coleen for your many years of dedication and giving of your time, energy and resources.

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