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YOUR Help Needed Today: Protect 4Culture Funding!

March 4, 2011

As you probably know, many arts and heritage organizations in King County are partially supported by funding from 4Culture, and The Center for Wooden Boats is no exception. The money comes from state lodging and hotel taxes, which is logical, since arts and heritage attract many visitors to King County, as well as providing wonderful activities and resources for residents.

The legislation providing state funds to 4Culture will expire this year.  In order for 4Culture to continue to exist, the legislation must be renewed.  Two bills that would save 4Culture and the arts and heritage organizations it funds are coming up for votes this week. Time is of the essence!

It might seem that in these tough economic times, arts and heritage might be something that could be cut out of the budget.  Here is a practical reason for continuing to fund these organizations through 4Culture: Arts and heritage attract tourists, and tourism is one of our major industries.  If the things that attract tourists vanish, our economic recovery will be slowed even further.  Many of our cultural resources need continual funding for their preservation.  If funding is lost now, some of our historic and cultural treasures just won’t be there by the time the economy recovers.

Please take the time to send a note to your legislators to let them know you support these two bills.  You can find your legislators by clicking here.  You can support these bills even if you don’t live in King County. These arts and heritage organizations include resources that can be appreciated by the entire state.

Please inform anyone who you think might be interested.



Action Alert: Statewide support needed for HB 1997 & SB 5834 – King County Economic Development Bill & Funding for 4Culture

Take Action: Contact Your District Legislators asking them to support HB 1997 and SB 5834

Learn more at Advocate 4 Culture.

HB 1997 bill sponsors: Representatives Orwall, Kenney, Goodman, Fitzgibbon, Maxwell, Santos, Pedersen

SB 5834 bill sponsors: Senators Murray, Litzow, McAuliffe, Nelson, Hill, White, Kohl-Welles, Fain, Eide

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