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Third Friday Speakers for Spring 2011

March 3, 2011

Steve Osborn

March 18 – Steve Osborn’s ‘Spun Yarn’

Steve Osborn will give an exciting, amusing and poetic talk about his wooden boat experiences from a lug rigged skiff to a transpacific schooner. He recently published a book titled “Spun Yarn” in which he shares his practical knowledge of seamanship and shares accounts of the many colorful characters he has encountered. The book will be available for purchase – this is also a great chance to have it signed by the author!

April 15 – From Corporations to Kayaks: A Personal Journal of Renewal

Paul Schmid had the trappings of a happy middle class life – but something was missing: the need to create. It started with small wooden boat models and rapidly progressed to large wooden kayaks. Paul will share with you how he taught himself to build three types: stitch and glue, cedar strip, and skin on frame. Paul will address his challenges and rewards. You may take away a hobby that yields unsurpassed satisfaction and maybe spiritual renewal.

May 20 – Robin Siegl

For a decade, Robin has observed the working waterfront from a small rowboat. She says, “As my arms pull the skiff slowly through the water, my eyes see a series of paintings in the hard edged bulk of the ships and barges that confront me. The drawings and oil paintings I then make in my studio are inspired by those powerful images; they emphasize the inevitable stages of decay. Massive hulls appear to penetrate deep into the wiggly water; heavily marked surfaces and strong forms are reflected on the surface. Over a long period of time, only the water survives; what is man made goes away.”

Robin’s exhibit in the CWB Gallery will run May 17 through September 11 –

All talks will be held at 7pm in the CWB Boathouse. Admission is free and refreshments are provided. Donations are always accepted.

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