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The Center for Wooden Boats at Lake Union completes more than half million dollars in upgrades

February 15, 2011

Local businesses donate time and muscle to re-anchor CWB, improve access to Lake Union Park, and clean up old pilings

With financial support from private donors, the city of Seattle, King County and the State of Washington, and in-kind donations and muscle from seven generous local businesses, The Center for Wooden Boats (CWB) has completed a major renovation in the waterway of our facilities at South Lake Union, and will re-open the boathouse and floats to the public Wednesday, February 16th.

For the past week, much of CWB’s facilities in Waterway #4 at South Lake Union were closed to allow a barge with a crane to move in and pull out creosote soaked pilings and drive new pilings designed to protect the water quality of Lake Union and better secure the CWB buildings and docks.

Companies helping CWB in this effort include; PND Engineers of Seattle, Pile Contractors of Issaquah, Northern Marine Salvage and Development of Seattle, PN Best Company of Redmond, the Fife office of Skyline Steel and Van Dyke Heavy Hauling of Seattle.

This project, costing more than half a million dollars, is one of many initiatives CWB is undertaking to improve the aquatic environment around the South Lake Union site. CWB’s facilities have been moved further from the shoreline and new gravel will be added to the lake edge to provide a better habitat for juvenile salmon and other wildlife. CWB is continuing the removal of decades of trash and debris from the lake bottom with support from the Divers Institute of Technology.

New ramps and floats will create a more secure system for mooring the facilities to withstand inclement weather.  In addition, the project will connect new utility services to the floating facilities.

While CWB’s floating structures on Lake Union were closed for a week, the CWB facility at Cama Beach State Park remained open for normal operations.

Funding for this project was provided by CWB’s Count Me In! Campaign. Learn how you can support CWB’s ongoing expansion and growth by calling Betsy Davis at (206) 382-2628.

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