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Construction Update: Limited Access to CWB at SLU Feb 7 – 12, 2011

January 21, 2011

The Center for Wooden Boats (CWB) will be completing a major renovation of our on-the-water facilities this winter. When completed, visitors will notice improved connections to Lake Union Park, updated entry ramps and docks and changes to protect lake wildlife.

From February 7 – 12, 2011, CWB be removing the existing creosote pilings and replacing them with new pilings designed to protect the water quality of Lake Union. Major portions of CWB’s floating structures will be closed and relocated during this work. Limited programs, including scheduled classes, will continue to run from facilities in Lake Union Park during this disruption. Access to parking for The Center for Wooden Boats and Lake Union Park will not be affected during this project. Signs will be posted onsite directing visitors around any temporary facility closures.

This project is one of many initiatives CWB is undertaking to improve the aquatic environment around the Lake Union site. CWB’s facilities will be moved away from the shoreline and new gravel will be added to the lake bottom to provide a better habitat for juvenile salmon and other wildlife. CWB is continuing the removal of decades of trash and debris from the lake bottom with support from the Divers Institute of Technology.

New ramps, docks and floats will create a more secure system for mooring the facilities to withstand inclement weather.  In addition, the project will include new utility services to the floating facilities.

Funding for this project is being provided by CWB’s Count Me In! Campaign. Learn how YOU can support CWB’s ongoing expansion and growth by calling Betsy Davis at (206) 382-2628.

Read the construction FAQ.

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