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CWB Boathouse Gallery Announces Solo Art Exhibitions for 2011

December 31, 2010

The Boathouse Gallery at The Center for Wooden Boats is pleased to announce three artists who have been invited for solo shows in 2011.

The exhibition space is located on the first floor of CWB’s boathouse on Lake Union in Seattle. The Gallery is a shared multipurpose space open to students, visitors and volunteers. For each exhibit, the artist will participate in CWB’s 3rd Friday Speaker Series as part of the opening festivities, sharing their inspiration, process and insights into the show with the public. Please join us on the third Fridays of January, May and September for the artists’ opening, refreshments and an artist talk.

Hannah Vianno – January through April –

Hannah, who has lived and worked around boats her entire life, will show a collection of new work in papercuts.  They are dramatic black images cut from a single sheet of paper – drawn from boat trips and beach wanders she has done over the last few months. Papercuts are an exciting and new medium for Hannah, as she is drawn to the stark contrast that makes even simple lines bold and engaging. She feels that the act of carving the pictures out of paper gives itself perfectly to the flowing shapes of wood and water.

"gauge" by Robin Siegl

Robin Siegl – May through August –

For a decade, Robin has observed the working waterfront from a small rowboat. She says, “As my arms pull the skiff slowly through the water, my eyes see a series of paintings in the hard edged bulk of the ships and barges that confront me. The drawings and oil paintings I then make in my studio are inspired by those powerful images; they emphasize the inevitable stages of decay. Massive hulls appear to penetrate deep into the wiggly water; heavily marked surfaces and strong forms are reflected on the surface. Over a long period of time, only the water survives; what is man made goes away.”

Michael Berman – September through December –

Michael will present, OPEN OCEAN: A VOYAGE ACROSS THE ATLANTIC, a series of large scale panoramic and multi-panel photographs that place the viewer on the deck of a small boat, sailing across the vast Atlantic Ocean. The viewer moves with the boat, at water level, up and down the waves, “feeling” the motion and always gazing at the sea and sky, taking in the wilderness of the ocean, observing the constantly changing view.

Many sailors dream of making blue water, offshore passages, so in addition to discussing the exhibit images during his artist’s talk and slide show, Michael will share his sailing adventure by including images from the trip and talking about the experience of making a 16-day transatlantic passage.


The mission of The Center for Wooden Boats is to provide a gathering place where maritime history comes alive through direct experience and our small craft heritage is enjoyed, preserved and passed along to future generations. The Boathouse Gallery is dedicated to exhibiting art and history that relates to, complements, or challenges this mission through subject, media or craft.  The three artists chosen for 2011 are very different in their approach to this theme, their medium used, and the background and experience they bring to their work.

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