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4th and 5th Grade Students Visit CWB

December 9, 2010

Last Friday a group of 25 4th and 5th graders from a local elementary school visited The Center for Wooden Boats to take part in our Cedar and Storytelling field trip. Students had the opportunity to learn from Saaduuts, CWB’s artist in residence, about the cedar dugout canoe he is carving. They even got to help sand the canoe!

The class then talked about totem poles and heard the story of the honor pole that was gifted to CWB. By coincidence, the niece of one of the chaperones was part of the group that helped carve the honor pole! So many connections at The Center for Wooden Boats!

As the last part of the field trip, students each got to create miniature totem poles to tell a story from their own lives. One Native American student in the class was reluctant to take part. He sat apart from the class and said he didn’t want to make a totem pole. Saaduuts volunteered to talk with the young man and soon had him laughing and with some coaxing, decorating his own story pole. Saaduuts continued to talk with him and found that he knew very little about his Native American heritage.  “I’m going to call you Soaring Eagle,” declared Saaduuts.

Before the class left, Saaduuts made a presentation to the group. He introduced Soaring Eagle’s new name and performed an Eagle Dance. The once shy young man stood proudly before his peers and presented his story pole.

A big thank you to Saaduuts and all supporters of CWB’s youth programs for helping enrich the lives of young people in our community!

Learn more about Youth Programs at CWB.

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