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Kirsten’s Story: How CWB Enriched Her Life

December 5, 2010

Kirsten by Bryn Photography
Your gift to CWB’s Annual Appeal really does make a difference. CWB super-volunteer, Kirsten, invites you to read about how CWB has made a difference in her life.

Donate today to support your favorite hands-on maritime community and to show that electronic communications can be successful and save trees! Donate now, or read Kirsten’s story…

You may have heard a lot about our programs for youth, but did you know that CWB makes a difference for adults, too?

Two years ago, Kirsten started volunteering at CWB.  She did so at the suggestion of her care manager at Jubilee Women’s Center, where she had recently secured transitional housing after being homeless for 5 years. Kirsten’s first visit to CWB brought back memories of sailing with her daughter – a familiar story for many of us who find and fall in love with CWB.

Kirsten quickly became an integral part of the CWB community…running livery, greeting visitors at the front desk, cutting toy boat hulls, and helping with numerous events both at South Lake Union and Cama Beach. “I like that it is an active learning environment and that I get to work with other people who are volunteering their time,” said Kirsten. “I was excited to learn to sail and I’m constantly improving my skills!”kirsten by Bryn Photography

Kirsten’s gung-ho, positive attitude stood out, even amongst our hundreds of dedicated and hard-working volunteers.  On March 26, 2010, she was awarded CWB Volunteer of the Year in honor of her countless hours of participation and genuine passion for keeping maritime history alive.  “I felt validated, and a bit like a celebrity!” says Kirsten. Today, Kirsten continues to volunteer at CWB several times each week.

I am delighted to share Kirsten’s story with you.  Not only is it an incredibly heartwarming tale, but I believe that it captures the very essence of CWB as a place where people of all ages and backgrounds can come together in an environment of hands-on maritime learning, sharing, and fun.

“Since before time, people have gathered at watersides for sustenance and fellowship. At these assemblies, watercraft of diverse designs and construction were built to serve the needs of the community. Through a long thread of experience, small craft are forever embedded in our cultural memories. For this reason The Center for Wooden Boats was created.”

– Dick Wagner, CWB Founding Director

Your year-end gift to CWB – no matter what the size – will help ensure that CWB continues to serve our community by empowering volunteers such as Kirsten, as well as offering year-round access to the water, educational programs and activities.


Betsy Davis
Executive Director, The Center for Wooden Boats

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