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CWB Receives State and National Awards

July 30, 2010

us sailing awardCWB is honored to be the recipient of several state and national awards for 2009 and 2010. Among them are US Sailing Community Sailing Council’s Outstanding Year-Round Community Sailing Program for 2009. The Outstanding Year-Round Program Award is given annually to a program that has made notable contributions to promote public access to sailing.

Washington State Historical Society awarded CWB the 2009 Peace and Friendship Award for the work that our Artist-in-Residence, Saaduuts, is doing to advance public understanding of the cultural diversity of the peoples of Washington State.

The Washington Museum Association presented CWB founder, Dick Wagner, with the 2010 Award of Individual Excellence, for facilitating the creation of CWB. The Washington Museum Association also awarded the Working Group at Lake Union Park the 2010 Award of Project Excellence for contributions to raising the public profile of Seattle’s maritime history.

Congratulations to everyone who makes CWB’s sailing programs a success, to Saaduuts, to Dick Wagner and to the Working Group at Lake Union Park!

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