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Little Known Information about CWB

June 14, 2010

  • Our phone number is numerical and alphabetical: 382-2628 & 382-BOAT.
  • Our site was once an asphalt plant run by the city. When we received our permit to occupy Waterway #4, the Post Office asked us to come up with a postal address. 1010 Valley Street didn’t exist until we put up a mailbox.
  • The topsoil for our plantings came from Mt Pleasant cemetery as a donation.
  • CWB’s first public event was our Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival on July 4th weekend, 1977. That event also included our first auction and it also was the West Coast’s first wooden boat show.
  • The Center for Wooden Boats displayed the America’s Cup in our Pavilion for two weeks in 1986. The Cup was won in Fremantle, Australia by Dennis Connor of the San Diego Yacht Club, who also let us display the winning vessel, Stars and Stripes, for one month. Stars and Stripes competed in a couple of Duck Dodge races but didn’t do well in our light winds.

-Dick Wagner

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