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Count Your Yacht Club In for the Center for Wooden Boats!

May 5, 2010

The Center for Wooden Boats is looking for more boating clubs to follow the example of the Puget Sound Cruising Club and contribute to CWB’s “Count Me In!” campaign.

When CWB announced the Count Me In! campaign, which allows individuals and organizations to put their names on a plaque, cleat, pile hoop, piling or ramp in return for financial contributions, PSCC members saw benefits to both CWB and PSCC.  

Over two monthly meetings, individual PSCC members donated a total of $500 which was matched by the PSCC treasury, enough for PSCC to purchase a plank.  The contribution will help CWB maintain its facilities while putting PSCC’s name in front of boaters that visit CWB’s facilities.

Clubs and individuals may contribute to the Count Me In! campaign by calling CWB’s development office (206-382-2628), visiting CWB online (, or mailing to CWB, 1010 Valley St. Seattle WA 98109.

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