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CWB’s Quintessential Volunteer

May 3, 2010

photo: Christine David

Sandwiched between roaring vehicles and radial seaplane engines is CWB, an attractive environment of stick and shingle floating buildings and classic small boats moored to a maze of floats.

What keeps people coming back to CWB? The variety of boats, the opportunity to try them out, the ever changing reflections and colors of the lake are all good reasons that CWB is a popular destination. But it’s really the people of CWB who answer questions, give a tour, tell a tale that makes the visitors feel they have discovered a new family, a new home, a new planet. And its Godfather is named Vern.

After 25 years of freely given service to CWB, Vern has been kidnapped by Puerto Rico to go there and develop an Olympic class sailing team. Good news for Puerto Rico, big hole for CWB. Those who Vern taught to sail, were convinced by Vern to be CWB Sailing Instructors, listened to his stories, ate his paella, salsa danced with Vern, or were just greeted with his smile and encyclopedic memory of everyone’s name will miss him.

Besides being a perfect front desk volunteer and creator of SailNOW!, Vern also invented and administered the Spring Cruise, Ed Clark Race, and Norm Blanchard Regatta.

Vern put in enough volunteer hours (three hours work equals one hour boat use) to take the Blanchard Jr. named V.Velez and sail to Puerto Rico after circling the globe three times.

Farewell, fair winds, and trimmed sails to Vern.

–  Dick Wagner

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