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Volunteers Repair CWB’s Sails

February 23, 2010

“That sail has a rip in it.”  It’s a comment I hear a lot, as the primary staffer of CWB’s livery.  With sails that get worked hard throughout the year, it’s an unfortunate reality; and without any sailmakers on staff, marks a proverbial hole in CWB’s boat maintenance abilities.

However, each Sunday morning that’s changing, thanks to a volunteer sailmaker and small crew of riggers-in-training.   Kris Day, a former employee of Mystic Seaport and professional sail maker and rigger, has been volunteering his Sunday mornings over the past few months to start working through the sails on CWB’s livery boats: replacing batten pockets and fixing tears.  We’ve whipped, spliced, served and measured A LOT of sails.

The project is intended to teach a number of volunteers the techniques of sail maintenance, so that they can help in some of the maintenance aspects in CWB’s fleet.

-Erik Neumann

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