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Sandpaper, Soup and Skills – Another Thursday at the Beach

January 26, 2010

A volunteer sharpening chisels at Cama Beach.

Every Thursday morning, rain or – less often – shine, a small, eclectic group trickles-in to CWB’s boat shop at Cama Beach State Park. After coffee, the group splits up, each to his or her own project: building a Footloose Skiff, sanding and finishing oars, making signs. Work can only continue for so long, however, before people get hungry. A lunchtime potluck in the newly remodeled fire truck garage follows – chili, curry, hot dish, turkey soup, salmon quesadillas, brownies – all of these have been spied and consumed over the past few Thursdays.

This past Thursday, we had a special guest. A new volunteer, Don, came down to the shop and brought with him years of tool sharpening experience as a machinist. The work party turned into an impromptu chisel grinding class; learning a skill while earning livery hours – not a bad deal. Thanks for sharing your talents, Don.

For more information about volunteer opportunities at Cama Beach or questions regarding what food item to bring to the table, contact Matt

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