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A Magical New Years Eve at Cama Beach

January 18, 2010

I and my fellow Whateverly Brothers, Dan Roberts and Matt Moeller were invited to put on a New Years Eve concert at Cama Beach by the friendly parks folks and by CWB.  We found ourselves in cabin 22 and 23 the day before New Years Eve, all snug and cozy and I became spellbound by the magic of the place.  I’ve hung out at Cama many times, sailed there, but had not stayed, and there is something about the place, the history and the ambience that grabs you when you are staying there that I had not experienced before. Even as the rain fell steadily and gumboots being the footwear of the day it was a great time to wander the beach and just leave the year behind us!

During the days, we hung out in the store and practiced and serenaded folks coming in for books and games or just to listen.  It was by way of a band retreat for us and it was a perfect place to spread out and work on stuff.

We were to play in the firehouse, and CWB volunteers Brian and Carol and a friendly CWB intern in record time stopped their insulating project, cleaned up, put up Christmas lights, chairs and made the place a wonderful, warm, comfy place to play.  We were able to inaugurate what I think will become a great place to do concerts in the future!

During the afternoon and evening, folks began arriving, and some guests as well, and we had been told that there would be a “full house” at the park.  There were some local folks who came to stay just for this, and the original owners, Karen, Gary and Sandra were there to hang out as well.  I wondered how many winter evenings had been passed there over the years with instruments playing and folks singing and dancing.  It seemed the most natural thing to do there.

Wateverly Brothers on New Year's Eve

The Wateverly Brothers performed on New Year's Eve at Cama Beach.

At about 9pm the weather cleared, and the guided night beach walk began to the light of a full “Blue” moon and a minus 3 tide.  I would have loved to be there, but we had things to do, like tune instruments and all that musician stuff, but I heard it was quite something.  10pm came around, we began to play and the firehouse started filling up, and filling up and we had to go get more chairs, and next thing we knew it was standing room only!

Some folks wandered out towards the end to do their own celebrations, but the girls (The Whateverly Brothers Women’s Auxiliary)  had brought noise makers and hats, and we saw the new year in properly with noise makers, streamers, and of course Auld Lang Syne.

I have to say I’ve not had a better chance to mark the new year than that.

Much later, (about 4 in the morning) after I had gone across the road to unload some of that punch I’d had, I stood out by the seawall to a high tide, 20 plus knots of wind and a following sea almost splashing over the seawall, with wispy clouds racing by a blue moon and thought that with a beginning  like that, this year should be good!

Grateful thanks to Andrew, Brian, Carol and all at CWB; Jeff, Gordon, Diane and Deb and all the other great Park staff  who made feel so welcome!

Happy new year!

-Chris Glanister

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